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The Ultimate "Easy" Fundraising Solution

Raise tens of thousands of dollars using what every athletic field already has - YOUR FENCING!

Stop thinking of "small ideas" which produce possibly hundreds of dollars when you really need thousands of dollars with a lot less effort. The student athlete should be focused on their studies, practice, and games. There should be no more asking the athlete to:

  • No more begging for donations
  • No more selling coupon books
  • No more selling candy and gift wrap
  • No more car washes
  • ...and no more scratch cards!

SPORTS SIGNS provides a way to stimulate community support, increase parent participation and instill pride in your program. Selling advertising space can generate as much money as your program needs. Improve the appearance of your facility while generating tens of thousands of dollars, let the profit calculator show you how. Annual renewals are 100% yours which makes this the easiest and most profitable fundraising effort you will ever do. Coaches love the look SPORTS SIGNS gives their playing field, but the idea of 100% profit from renewals is a "Coaches Dream". Bottom line is that with renewals you will have money coming in without selling a thing, making this the most ideal fundraiser for athletic programs in the market today.

Fundraising with signs is not a new concept for outdoor athletic programs, but using SPORTS SIGNS windscreen is the new advertising solution for all athletic fields. Our windscreen material with your sponsors advertising information is new and innovative and has a non-distracting uniform appeal to everyone.

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This fundraiser is so easy and takes such a minimal amount of time that it really is a no-brainer. All you have to do is get your sponsors information and complete the online order form. We will send you your custom signs made to the dimension that fits your fence ready to hang when you receive them.

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The ultimate easy fundraising solution.
"The biggest revenue producer is our outfield fence." -- Lloyd Skoda, Head Baseball Coach
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